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An excellent multi-purpose product with exceptional quality of lubrication which can be used in many diff erent industries and in the area of everyday life.

  • the result after using is a coat which improves the resistance to abrasion and increases the working life
  • the low-friction coeffi cient characteristic of TEFLON®, leading to high effi ciency for electrical connections, structural fi ttings, military equipment, and in many other areas in which a repetitive movement of the surface is important
  • plays a major role in the bicycle industry, ideally suited for the lubrication of chains, gears, brake lines, gears, increases their working life and reduces friction between the elements and their wear and tear
  • also suitable as anti-adhesive agent
  • can be used in the process for formation of rubber and plastic components, it does not aff ect the stability and it makes it easier to release from the mould parts

Tefl on® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. (DuPont), used under license by CX80.

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