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puszka 500g



Multifunctional EP grease provides high load carrying properties, resistance to fresh and salt water, and oxidation and corrosion protection.


  • operating temperatures from -30°C up to +600°C
  • excellent water resistance- there are no changes in consistency when excessive water penetrates the grease
  • excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties also in sea water because of addition of natural calcium sulfonate
  • does not contain lead or other heavy metals that are hazardous to human health or the environment


  • all greasing points on ship boards and for plain, roller and ball bearings, headsets, shock linkages, swingarm pivots and motorcycle
  • other uses in industry and transport 
  • marine use
  • road construction, where a frequent contact with water occurs, for example, in chains, gears of excavators and cranes

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  • tel./fax: +48 62 762 46 07
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