CX80 duospray 500 ml CX80 spray 500 ml CX80 duospray 250 ml CX80 spray 250 ml CX80 spray 100 ml



The specially formulated multi-purpose product is made from the highest quality raw materials.

  • loosens rusted and tilted elements quickly
  • cleans and protects equipment from corrosion
  • eliminates squeaking and creaking of hinges, locks, curtain rods and other mechanical devices
  • improves the function of ignition systems, which are endangered with flooding or humid places
  • filters through moisture and forms a protective barrier between the water and the metal
  • eliminates moisture-triggered short circuits
  • suitable for electronic ignitions
  • protects vehicle locks from moisture and freezing
  • defrosts locks
  • removes dirt, dust, traces of coloured crayons and felt tip pens, chewing gum and adhesives
  • 1001 applications in industry, workshops or in the house
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